Between Light & Shadow

You are no more than a whisper. Not even that, a wailing. Darkness, trapped in this endless maelstrom of light. But there is something else: dark shapes that gnaw at your prison, that want to rescue you. There! A crack in the glow, a contour in the radiant white, no more than a slight grey, but you sense that your time has come...

Between Light and Shadow is a solo game full of adventure and unique mechanics that will challenge your mind. Join Mara on her journey to fight the shadow over several chapters or play one of the additional scenarios that let you play through the whole story from different perspectives. Each chapter can be played separately or as a coherent campaign, each offering different mechanics and new challenges.

1 1-3 Stunden 4/5

One last step and you are standing at the top of the hill. The great plain of Barrenfield spreads out before you and you see all the possibilities it offers: all the adventures you will encounter, all the experiences you will have, all that lies ahead of you. You know that if you turn around now, you would see your home village once more. But you don't turn around, you walk down the hill into your new life....

In Chapter 1: Dawn, Mara's journey and her fight against the Shadow begins. She sets out as a simple peasant girl to explore the world. But something else also begins in this chapter: signs are gathering that the danger of the Shadow, long thought banished, is threatening the land again. 

Between Light & Shadow blends new mechanics and the best of familiar systems into a brainburning yet exciting game experience, creating an entire world on your table as the camaign for this chapter is played with different characters and your decissions will change the world for the next scenario. The rules are explained step by step as you play, so you don't need to read any rulebook beforehand.

Chapter 1: Dawn is currently in development and will be released in summer 2023.

In this video you can get an overview of what you can expect of the game


We are currently planning a printed version in a folding box in German, as well as an English Print & Play version to print yourself. However, this may still change. The current state of development and all news about the release can always be found in the news section and in the Between Light & Shadow Facebook group.

If you want to try the game, you can download, print and play a short demo version of the game, which will give a quick introduction to some of the mechanics and the overall gameplay of Between Light & Shadow here: