CLOU - Roll & Heist Again


At the moment only available in German. An English version is planned.

But you can play the free print & play version, which is available in English.

After weeks of preparation, the time has come on this dark, moonless night: silence fills the old villa, interrupted only occasionally by the quiet click of the lockpick in the rusty lock on the back door. As you gain access, you think about everything once again: the escape route, the plan of the building & the value of all the valuables waiting for you here. Tonight, all your work will finally pay off....

Welcome to Clou - Roll & Heist. Again! In this game you take on the role of a gang of burglars in 1960s London and try to make as much loot as possible in each game. Not only do you have to overcome various safes, guard dogs and alarm systems, but you also have to be careful not to leave too many traces or set off the alarm if you don't want to get caught up in a wild chase with the police.

Clou - Roll & Heist Again is a roll & write game, which is not only characterized by a very present theme and its cooperative (or solo) game mode, but also by the high replay value and the great variety offered by the four different characters and five different scenarios. There is also a print & play version of this game, which you can use to try out the game first and whose scenarios and campaigns you can combine with this game for even more variety.

1-2 30-90 Minuten 3/5

The game is also available as a digital version on Steam (currently in early access):



This Again! version is an enhanced version of the free print & play game, which was devolped during the first Covid wave. It features improved mechanics, rules and graphics as well as completely new scenarios. We work on a solution to publish the game also in English. Until then, you can still play the free print & play version and try out, if you like the game. The files for the Print and Play version are available here: