III is a fast-paced card game in which each of you directs the fortunes of a newly built town in the wild west.

Your mission is clear: expand your city and attract the greatest personalities of the West to your city in order to get the most settlers to move there. You have three years to do this. After that, the president will evaluate your cities. While at the beginning you only have simple buildings at your disposal, these become better and better as the game progresses, giving you the opportunity to expand and optimise your city more and more.

At the end of your term of office, it will be decided which town has succeeded best in attracting settlers. To do this, either special people - such as the headmistress or the reverend - must live in your town or particularly interesting buildings must be located in your town. Both people and buildings must be paid for. You have to make the land usable, provide entertainment and ensure law and order. You get the resources you need for this from the buildings in your city. But no city will be able to produce all the resources on its own. So trade, use your resources wisely and make your city grow!

How to play

III uses a new real-time role mechanic in which you are allowed to perform certain actions when you take on a certain role. Two of the three roles are symbolised by cards. If you don't have a role card at the moment, you automatically take the third role. The two role cards are passed around the table all the time as soon as someone has completed the actions of a role. This means you have to act quickly in order to pass on the role fast. But you have to be careful with the actions of the role, because you also have to plan your city carefully. You have 8 building sites on which you can construct buildings. Each building either brings you settlers, special abilities or gives you the opportunity to produce resources. You produce resources by placing dice results on buildings with the corresponding value. If you cannot use a die yourself, you can sell it to your fellow players for valuable resources or other dice with better results. Then use the resources you have acquired to build the right buildings or to settle personalities in your city.

The draw pile of III is put together in such a way that the buildings become better and better, but the demands on your city also become greater and greater. At the beginning of the game you will be able to build many simple buildings, in the second year you will already be able to improve your city significantly and in the third year you will be able to build glorious structures or even bring the Senator or the Pacific Railroad to you. However, as soon as the "Lincoln in the West" card is drawn, the game ends immediately and the player with the city with the most settlers wins the game.

What is special about III 

With its real-time role mechanics, III offers a great mix of the planning of a strategy game, the hustle and bustle of a real-time game, and the interaction of a fast-paced trading game.

Every player is involved in the game all the time and does not have to wait. Nevertheless, important decisions have to be made by you: Should I meet the demand now or rather expand my city? Is this building better or another one? Do I prefer more dice or more possibilities to convert these dice? And much more.

The necessary resources and dice production enable you to trade intensively with each other. Have you ever rolled the dice badly? Just sell the dice!

Nevertheless, III is quick and easy to learn and a game takes only 60 minutes with set-up and explanation.